Monday, January 19, 2009


All right, there are many things that I'm obsessed is the Royal Tenenbaums.
There are, of course, a million reasons to be in love with the movie, but for me it's the similarity to a Salinger novel that does it. Not any Salinger novel in particular, but the feeling of all of them. Wes Anderson does an incredible job of portraying a family...or a group of people forced to live their lives entangled together. The story is spectacular, the costumes spot on, and the cast amazing. I have seen it a million times, and could watch it a million more.

Ondine Karady

Not only is she insanely adorable, and with an absolutely perfect name, but she's terrifically talented too!
According to Ondine's fantastic website, she started her design career in the set design field. I'm not sure how exactly she landed what would be my dream job, as one of the set designers for Sex and the City, but she did!
Just seeing pictures of this room makes me feel happy!
Ondine contributed to other sets for film, television, and advertisements, as well as special projects such as this amazing display for the film Big Fish.

She eventually started her own firm, and apparently has a following of actors and political giants, thanks perhaps to her husband Jim Ruterberg a political correspondent. I don't doubt at all that Ondine would command such an audience. She's powerfully talented and seems to have a sense of humor about it. I apologize for not showing more photos of Ondine's brilliant design work, please take a moment to check out her site to see some great examples.Here is a beautiful photo of Ondine and her husband on their wedding day.And, her wedding party. Great photo!

Ondine went on to be a contestant and top finalist on Bravo's Top Design : Season 2. She and Preston were my favorites! Oh, and Wisit too, but just because he seemed to be a wacky crack-pot.
Ondine spends her time living and working in both NYC and DC. She shares her life with not only her husband, but cat Norman and dog Little Bear. I have a feeling that Ondine will be featured in many design publications this year. On a personal note, long before Top Design:2 aired I used to talk to Ondine regularly on the phone when I was in sales for Baker furniture. I don't get a chance to talk to her anymore, as I'm no longer in sales. But, she was always incredibly sweet on the phone. I hope that i have the chance to meet her in person this year. She seems like a great gal.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ella & Louie

My very lovely pets.

You are my inspiration, Jan Morrow.

One of my favorite movies, Pillow Talk, stars the adorable Doris Day and dreamy Rock Hudson. The movie was released in 1959, and was the first, and in my opinion best, of three romantic comedies that Day and Hudson made together. Doris Day plays Jan Morrow a successful New York interior decorator who is forced to share a party line with Brad Allen, seductively played by Rock Hudson. Rock's character is a songwriter and womanizer. The two are at odds at the opening of the film, but ultimately fall in love. The set decoration is superb, the wardrobe spectacular, and the soundtrack is terrifically hypnotic. If you haven't seen it, watch it I know you'll love it!
The image above is not from Pillow Talk, but is a great photo of Day.
Swanky club where the two pseudo meet for the first time.

A few shots of Jan working. I'd hire Jan in a flash!

Friday, January 9, 2009

A few of my favorite things.

I don't have anything incredibly interesting to share right now, but want to post something. So, in a ridiculously vain fashion, and with a somewhat Von Trapp undertone, I give you a few of MY favorite things (in my apartment).

I love this little plate with the image of the young girl. Rock crystal obelisk. And, little glass trees. I found the trees in a little antique shop in W.V. The shop lady said that a local florist used them in holiday arrangements. I absolutely love them and keep them out all year -although they move to a less prominent place.

This is a beautiful eglomise lamp.

My favorite lamp, a curvy cloisonne.

This little grasshopper lamp looks like he could crawl away -and I love him for that!

This is a Barbara Barry for Wedgwood decanter called Curtain Call. It was a very special Christmas gift this year.

The following images are of portraits that I'm collecting in my entry hall.

This one was found on the street. It is from 1834. It's much better looking in person. Come over and see!

I love the expression on this mans face.

And she's just adorable.