Friday, May 14, 2010

But, he's such a great fashion designer....

Head on over to The Fashion Informer for a look at a Zack Posen designed model apartment.... It reeks of imitation Miles Redd to me. No offense to his immense talents as a very gifted fashion designer, but this dip into the interior design pool has left me less than impressed. Perhaps one has to see the space in person to fully appreciate it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My "Domicidal Haven" as seen through the lens of Baker Street

Lovely Brittany Watson, of The House That Lars Built, recently started a new project; Baker Street. This site "documents the lives of people in their places in Washington, DC". She asked me to participate a few months ago, and I did so happily. I recently moved from said little studio to a larger (and, much emptier) flat on the first floor of the same building. So, it's with sweet reminiscence that I share with you my little "Domicidal Haven". Thanks Brittany!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

From the Desk of Lola

At a time post "reality television" and perhaps in the throng of "social networking" I find it far too unnervingly simple to become enamored by virtual strangers. This is, of course, only my personal opinion. Some such endearing connections are often sincere, effortless, and welcome; examples include, but are not limited to: my extreme, and instant, infatuation with the beautiful Lisa Borgnes Giramonti of A Bloomsbury Life (Honestly, who can resist her?), and Nick Olsen of Nick Olsen Style; an exceedingly creative designer, unabashed blogger, and all-around dreamboat. While other less successful artificial connections can leave a person (me) feeling bruised and battered; Gael Garcia Bernal why won't you love me?! Well, I've recently developed a new virtual crush; From the Desk of Lola.

From the Desk of Lola is an seemingly unorthodox design firm with offices in both LA and NY. They've been talked about and praised in trade publications, the blogging community, and around my kitchen island. Designers Alexandria Loew and Lauren Soloff spearhead the operation, which offers clients "Mood Movies" upon the inception of the design process. What is a "Mood Movie" one might ask... well, it seems as though these dynamic ladies create a multi-media presentation including clips from movies to inspire the job. What a brilliant idea! My modest creativity is perpetually sparked by films; Breakfast at Tiffany's, How to Marry a Millionaire, Age of Innocence, and Marie Antoinette to name a few.

Here are but a few images taken from the To get the full effect you've got to check it out for yourself.