Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chintzophrenic {CH ints-o-'frenik} : approach characterized by contradictory elements.

Little Edie Beale states that "no one with convictions is schizophrenic." Can the same be said for the modern chintzophrenic? I adore nothing more than a modern designer with strong convictions. And, to see said designer confidently mixing conflicting elements brings a smile to my face.

Two of the best chintzophrenic designers, Kelley Wearstler and the great Miles Redd.

A K.W. book.

A K.W. interior.

A M.R. interior.

A M.R. interior.

Bemusedly Baldwin...

I just sat down to read January's House Beautiful on this oddly warm late December afternoon, and came across a spotlight on the Billy Baldwin Collection by Ventry Ltd. I almost dropped my glass of wine with excitement...almost. I quickly jumped online to find Ventry Ltd. and see what this was all about. Sadly, it's an underwhelming site with decidedly underwhelming product. I'm thrilled about the idea, I'm even excited that this product is being manufactured by a lesser known company (lesser known to me at least). I did however find a few beautiful things. This post isn't about the great Billy Baldwin, and I certainly have nothing negative to say about him. It's simply my review of Ventry Ltd.

What a GREAT lamp!

This table is pretty amazing. Technically it's a dining table, but what a stunning center table it would make!

Not generally my taste, I'd love to use this in a moderne man's lounge paired with really worn in leather wing chairs.

The Age of McLuxury - a story untold by Edith Wharton

The spectrum of luxury absolutely runs the gamut from A to Z. For some a bed would be considered luxury, to others only this Tree Bed designed by Shawn Lovell would suffice.

Luxury is, as defined by Merriam-Webster, something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary. Here are a just a few items that I'd consider a luxury:

The Cocoon lamp by McGuire

Practically perfect equestrian decanter by Steuben

The only chair that I'd ever sit in! 18th century bergere by Sulpice Brizard, offered through the great 1stdibs

And, the Pagoda Etagere, which I've been drooling over for years! Made by Baker