Friday, October 30, 2009


A few weeks ago (or longer) I posted some photos of an exceedingly perfect Bathing Beauty that I spotted at The Brass Knob Warehouse . Well, this week while on a shopping trip at said establishment I noticed a "Sold" tag hanging proudly from the aged handrail of the tub. I felt at once both happy that the dignified vessel had been adopted, and envious of a stranger who would have the pleasure of hosting such an alluring piece of bathing architecture in his home. A rush of curiosity washed over me. I bent down to read the name on the tag. .. "Darryl Carter". ..

I guess it's not enough to be wildly successful, tall, dark, and handsome. When you're the great Darryl Carter it seems you're also afforded the best tub in the District. Well done, Darryl, well done..