Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Bunny Williams, I’m not, BUT I am in the midst of an affair with a house. After having recently moved to a new place, I’m discovering the simple pleasure of making a home. With much left to accomplish, I’m solely focusing on enjoying the “now”.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bloggyback: to use existing posts as a basis or support.

An eminent blogger, and possibly the chicest lady that sadly I only pseudo know, Lisa Borgnes Giramonti, the witty and inspiring writer of A Bloomsbury Life, has incited me to bloggyback from her post today. "Reflections of a 24-Hour Hermit", the perspicaciously thoughtful Mrs. Dalloway style account of one woman's decision to resign for a day, opened with a beautifully shot photograph of a "front gate". I have long admired the garden gates that accompany the well appointed townhouses lining the irrepressibly historic streets of Georgetown. Today, prompted by L.B.G.'s ability as a wordsmith to create posts that are so visually stimulating, I took a little walk and collected a few photos.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A coming-of-age story

Who knew that Ethan Allen had become so hep?! Well, not me. Ethan Allen, a company dating back to 1932, has known success and failure. Until the 90‘s the company had been known for “Early Amarican” design. But, recently E.A. has employed an astute approach to re-branding and, in doing so, modernizing the face of the company. New marketing, commercials, product, and website has helped to renovate an otherwise tired style. A smart approach in times like these, indeed. I think that Ethan Allen is becoming the “Target” of the furniture industry. A tip of the hat to you, Ethan Allen.

The following photos are from a recent trip to the Ethan Allen in Rockville, MD. A special thank you to my friend Tai Rivera for introducing me to this magical place.

There is something very "Darryl Carter" in the assortment offered by Ethan Allen.
Am I the only one who can imagine the great Billy Baldwin using this chair? The following have great "lines", as they say.

What a sconce!
I'll take two!!
"PYT: Pretty Young Thing":
A special thanks to Michael Jackson.
Combien adorable?!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bedding Kelly Wearstler

Madame Wearstler,so slight that it seems she has much difficulty fitting in chairs , has developed a collection of bedding for Sferra. Available in DC exclusively through Timothy Paul Bedding. The collection is wickedly awesome and recessionly priced. Now, isn't it time for some sexy new Spring bedding? Yes, that's what I thought.... off you go!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Urban Elegance: as defined by eight DC designers.

Old news at this point, but seems to be my style as of lately to report after the fact. Now, it has recently been brought to my attention that I have been slipping into a bout of bitterness. So, attempts to report on pretty things or ugly things but with a positive spin have been futile.

Having said this I'll try to remain completely diplomatic and nonjudgemental about WDC Spring 2009 show house and it's ridiculous "Urban Elegance" theme.

the foyer: Annie Elliott of Bossy Color
The entrance to the show house and arguably the most disjointed of all the rooms, the foyer.

the dining room: Samantha Friedman of Samatha Friedman Interior Design
The blue wall covering is nice.

the media room: Matt Costigan of Costigan Design
Matt designed a nice media room. I think that he chose colors and artwork well. He placed a large sectional in the center of the room in the shape of a V... I thought that was little odd and awkward. Overall it was nice albeit a little too decoratory.

the bar / lounge: Nestor Santa-Cruz
I think that it goes without saying, but I will - Nestor is a remarkable designer. He is absolutely one of my favorite local designers. I first fell in love with his work when his DC apartment was shown in Elle Decor. He's got fantastic taste - impeccable. This room, to me, was the most comfortable and well designed. The room looks collected and like it has been developed and built over time. He used a lot of antiques - the low table housing stacks of books is a vintage daybed. Perhaps my favorite part of the room is Nestor's nod to a plasma television - artwork that looks like a vintage television hanging on a pair of painted french doors.

the children's room : Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey of SCW Interiors

I got the feeling that this was a room designed for a little boy. OH, if I could have been that lucky as a kid! I have no doubt that this young lad will most definitely grow to be quite a dandy. Well done, Shazalynn!

the family office.... another area where the idea of "Urban Elegance" was forgotten. Sandra Meyers of Sandra Meyers Design Studio, LLC (Why is every decorator so witty when it comes to naming their company?)

the grandmother's bedroom (Just kidding! It's simply and elegantly titled "bedroom") Jennie Curtis of Material Differences ( I'll bet you thought she would be with Jennie Curtis Designs, or Jennie Curtis Interiors, or perhaps J.C. Interior Design Services)

One of my least favorite rooms, not that it's not pretty. But, in typical DC fashion this room seemed to be a big hit during the opening night party. Well done, Jennie Curtis!

Lastly, the living room : Gloria De Lourdes Blalock of Blalock Interiors LLC
Gloria did a nice job. Generally not a fan of faux painting, the walls were done beautifully and subtly. She chose a lot of really pretty things, and I think that it's safe to assume that a nice looking room full of attractive furniture can sort of hold it's own. I thought that the sheers hanging from giant hooks in the center of the room were unnecessary. But the room was good.

Anyway, if you're in DC visit the show house to discover it for yourself.