Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bloggyback: to use existing posts as a basis or support.

An eminent blogger, and possibly the chicest lady that sadly I only pseudo know, Lisa Borgnes Giramonti, the witty and inspiring writer of A Bloomsbury Life, has incited me to bloggyback from her post today. "Reflections of a 24-Hour Hermit", the perspicaciously thoughtful Mrs. Dalloway style account of one woman's decision to resign for a day, opened with a beautifully shot photograph of a "front gate". I have long admired the garden gates that accompany the well appointed townhouses lining the irrepressibly historic streets of Georgetown. Today, prompted by L.B.G.'s ability as a wordsmith to create posts that are so visually stimulating, I took a little walk and collected a few photos.


  1. haha -you know that 'ferocious' dog is probably a yorkshire terrier or something equally as harmless and adorable!

  2. Scott, I am honored! And I love all those gates you found on your ramblings...how lucky that you get to see them on your daily perambulations. Thank you for all the incredibly kind words (I am a big "Mrs Dalloway" fan, btw...)

    I love the first and fourth gates, especially -- surrounded by aged brick walls, exuberant greenery and hinting as to the secret gardens that lie beyond... xx

  3. A lovely post-I never tire of walking around Georgetown and seeing the lovely homes, gardens, and gates. I think I mentioned to Stefan that there is a book on the gates of Georgetown.

  4. a dear friend has a sign, "regarde, chien lunatique" and I love it.
    Her door mat, in sisal, says "Go Away" but to know her is to love her and entre! her door is always open.
    Fabulous doors.

  5. Lovely gateways and Georgetown is always such a visual treat. I think Mrs. Dalloway in Washington would make an interesting story.