Sunday, May 17, 2009

A coming-of-age story

Who knew that Ethan Allen had become so hep?! Well, not me. Ethan Allen, a company dating back to 1932, has known success and failure. Until the 90‘s the company had been known for “Early Amarican” design. But, recently E.A. has employed an astute approach to re-branding and, in doing so, modernizing the face of the company. New marketing, commercials, product, and website has helped to renovate an otherwise tired style. A smart approach in times like these, indeed. I think that Ethan Allen is becoming the “Target” of the furniture industry. A tip of the hat to you, Ethan Allen.

The following photos are from a recent trip to the Ethan Allen in Rockville, MD. A special thank you to my friend Tai Rivera for introducing me to this magical place.

There is something very "Darryl Carter" in the assortment offered by Ethan Allen.
Am I the only one who can imagine the great Billy Baldwin using this chair? The following have great "lines", as they say.

What a sconce!
I'll take two!!
"PYT: Pretty Young Thing":
A special thanks to Michael Jackson.
Combien adorable?!


  1. Yes, they've upped their game! I grew up in a house full of their ticky tacky 'early american' stuff that my parents love (and still have, but luckily have added some antiques they've found around). I've helped a few friends pick out pieces there in the past few years that were really nice and reasonable prices! I've only been to the one in Clarendon though.

  2. Very smart indeed. It's always been known for good quality, now it is updating its look.

  3. Your post brings back fond memories of "Lilly Tomlin" sitting in that giant rocker. These chairs seem very grown-up in a fun way.
    I'd love a pair of Wing Backs on wheels to scoot about.