Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shop Talk

Like most working Americans I hustle through the work week in anticipation of the freeness of yet another weekend. Once they arrive, in all their glory, it seems almost inevitable that they dissipate far too quickly. I try in vain to savor every little minute of the brief 48 hours work release, but find myself slipping easily into the standard weekend comforts of which I've grown accustom -brunch, booze, and shopping (in no particular order, and sometimes all at the same time!).

There are three shops in DC that I jones for weekly; Good Wood, Ruff & Reddy, and Miss. Pixie's. If I haven't had the opportunity to patronize these haute haunts by mid-afternoon Saturday, the design junky shakes are inexorable.

The following pictures are from last weekend. Follow Louie and I on a little virtual shopping adventure!

First stop: Good Wood!
Proprietor and proprietoress Dan and Anna Kahoe masterfully amass the cities most modern, relevant, witty, and approachable antiques. This shop is always beautifully well appointed and the product assortment changes often -- so, be sure to check it out each week! Oh, and Louie wanted me to add that they also provide yummy doggie treats! I'm sure that my life would be infinitely more satisfying if I had this lovely dolphin lamp!

Next stop: Ruff & Reddy 1908 14th Street NW
Named after Hanna Barbera characters from the 1950's, Bill Troy's Ruff & Reddy is a veritable design junkies dream! There are many treasures to be found, if one has the patience to deal with the crowd. The more often you go, the easier it is to navigate in and out quickly. Trust me, it is well worth the temporary inconvenience of dealing with the close quarters when you walk away with a fantastic new addition to your home at a ridiculously economical price!

This desk is beautiful -the hardware, legs, leather top!!! With a little love this could make for a very smart work space!
OH, if I had a dressing room I would have snagged this victorian gem in a second!!

And, lastly: Miss Pixie's
Shop owner Pixie Windsor (what a flippin' awesome name!) offers a great selection of quirky effects and wacky paraphernalia. She also uses her store as a launch board for local artists -great idea!
I'm absolutely mad about this corner pagoda style etagere!

***photo at the top of the post is of a great little mannequin available at Miss Pixie's***

Thanks for joining us on this little simulated shopping trip. Now, I'm off for the real thing!


  1. You must be talking about me. I feel the same way. It seems I happiest when I have the exact same things. If I am stuck in Frederick,MD I enjoy Antique Emporium, Old Glory Antiques, and Home Goods!

  2. Tai - I want to come check out the shops in Frederick! Let's plan a date!

    Mr. Gibson - Come to DC, I'd love to show you the shops!

  3. of my favorite aphrodisiacs. It looks like you have the perfect weekend planned!

  4. yes, we have ourselves a cute litte neighborhood here, don't we -but I still haven't been to ruff and ready, it scares me somehow -i need to tag along with you sometime for moral support LOL. Always love goodwood and ms. pixies is always an adventure :-)
    I agree, Grant needs to visit us here in DC!!

  5. With both of you showing me around I would be so happy!
    Now we just need to find me a good client to work with.
    People with lots of $- please reply!!!

  6. Scott-How about brunch and your favorite shopping haunts sometime with our design bloggers group? These look great!

  7. Ruff and Ready looks like a lot of fun. Would love that desk!

  8. Ruff and Ready looks fun and I want that desk!

  9. Your adventures sound marvellous. I was just reading Michele's post about the desk she scored, thanks to you. What wonderful finds - I am entirely jealous. I live in a terrible part of the world for good junk and antiques.

    I will be in DC in September for a wee trip - any good decor haunts you could recommend? Need little stuff for suitcases...accessories, not furniture. I love traditional, found things, classic but weathered...

    Have a great week!

  10. Lovely- that pagoda etagere is darling.
    Please say you bought it.

  11. Katiedid- It was a great weekend, hope yours was too!
    Stefan- I CAN'T believe that you haven't been to Ruff & Reddy!!!! You're going to fall in love! Let's round up the troops and make a trip! Beth -That's an absolutely marvelous idea!!! Brunch at St. Ex, and shopping!!! Kathleen -Ruff & Reddy is indeed a lot of fun! It's honestly one of my favorite spots in the city... I should do a post just on that (wheels are turning). Terri -I'm so happy for Michele! That desk is absolutely perfect! Why didn't I snag it?!? When you visit DC, please look me up! Most of my favorite shops are all within walking distance, AND there are many delicious little spots to stop in for a little nosh and libation! PVE -It's it great?! I didn't get it. I live in such a very small space now and have to be extremely selective about what I bring in. My heart belongs to the Pagoda etagere from Baker and I'm afraid I won't be able to settle for anything else.

  12. great photo of good wood owners! love that place.