Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chest Envy

It was difficult to get out of bed this morning, but we managed to get to the sofa...

After building up enough energy, we journeyed to the temporary kitchen to make a little coffee...

Then, it was back to the sofa computer in one hand coffee in the other. Realizing that my mind wasn't quite awake I decided to wade through the deep abyss that is Ebay. Not particularly focusing on anything I came across my newest obsession... a chest so stunning in its form and finish that it would bring even the most pompous of furniture aficionados to his knees.


  1. Yes, it's true. Fantastic. Wondering if you are still there, on the sofa, admiring it.

  2. Mrs. Blandings -ha ha... I suppose I did end that post rather abruptly. Suffice it to say I did get up from the sofa, albeit briefly.

    Jason -MMMmmmmMmMMmMMm indeed!

    Scooter -I'm SO in love with it. Did you notice the Baker crown and tulip insignia on the handle of the key?!?! Oh, how utterly fantastic!

    Michael -I would LOVE to buy it, but seeing as I'm somewhat unemployed at the moment I couldn't justify spending 1,800. on a piece of furniture...... even though I couldn't imagine anything making me more happy!

  3. Good morning... I am on the sofa with hot tea :)

  4. Can't decide which I covet more, the beautiful chest or that sooo adorable I could eat him with a spoon poochie...XXOO

  5. Thomas -I hope that you're still on your sofa, but that tea has evolved into cocktails.

    Allie -He is pretty lovable in pictures, but I'm positive that if I let you watch him for a few days you'd quickly chose the chest over the pup! : )

  6. OMG. Get it, get it, get it!! It's beyond gorge. And that photo of the blanket on the bed with the red carpet has my blood pumping...those colors, those colors!

    And darling, darling, darling, I have been alerted to the problem in my "Comments" section. It's fixed. God forbid there would be no more comments from you anymore...the last one made my heart swell with so much gratitude I thought it might explode. It is YOU who are dazzling! xxx

  7. Lisa -I'm completely in love with it! Unfortunately, having recently made the jump to self-employment I'm hesitant to spend money unnecessarily right now.... but am dying for that chest!

  8. Yes, the chest is lovely, but why does Louis not get more blog comments. This comment is for him....looking good Louis!

    Self-employed...what did I miss, where is that blog post? Do tell.

  9. Its amazing! If you dont get it stat Maybe I should get it for my place....Christmas is coming ;-)

    btw miss you.

  10. So sad that you weren't able to bring this piece home -maybe someday! Keep those eyes peeled!

  11. OMG. If this piece could talk!

    I bet that it has had a fabulous life...

  12. Abby -We should get together for drinks soon!

    Sean -I'd be ever so jealous if Santa gave you that chest for Christmas, but no one deserves it more. Well, except for me! : )

    Stefan -It's sad indeed.. If I had that chest, I swear I would love it more than anyone else would. le sigh.

    Jane -Thanks for stopping by. Isn't it amazing?! Did you notice the Baker crown & tulip symbol in the head of the key?! Simply amazing.