Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Importance of Being Self-Obsessed; an interview by Tom Ford

Nicolas Ghesquiere (ni-ko-la gas-ke-yay) An amazing beauty and overwhelming talent, he took to the reigns of the storied house of Balenciaga at the age of 25.

A brief bio by way of loose timeline:
born - 1971: Lille, France
age 15 - with the help of his father, landed a position at Agnes B
age 16 - worked the summer at Corinne Cobson
age 18 - left for Paris
age 18 - spotted by Myriam Schaefer (Jean Paul Gaultier’s right hand), she hired him on the spot to be her assistant
age 23 - after having left his position with Myriam Schaefer, he worked 2 years as a freelance knitwear designer
age 23 - got a position with Balenciaga designing funeral clothes for the Japanese licensing market
age 25 - given the main line to design at Balenciaga

I've long been enamored of Nicolas Ghesquiere, not just because of his devilish good looks, success at such a young age, influence within the fashion industry, and ability to create truly stunning work, but also because he seems to carry himself in such a mature and confident manner in the media.... well, that was until he was seemingly blindsided in a recent interview by the living EGO that is Tom Ford.

Poor Nico... I can't imagine how uncomfortable he must have felt during that phone call. Nico, if you ever feel like calling me I'd gladly ask you about your life, career, interests, and passions. I promise not to sit uncomfortably naked and wax egotistically about how fantastic I am. I'm all ears.


  1. Oh my goodness. Oh, Tom, Tom, Tom. My estimation of Nicolas Ghesquiere has gone way up after reading that article. What a gentleman he must be to have survived the interview with that "living EGO" with such style and grace!

  2. Oh my! "Enough about ME, no, really, what do YOU think of me?"

    Love the photo with the model on the mantel

  3. Hmm -you think it's ackward? He talks about himself some but he's TOM FORD -i mean -i want to hear about BOTH of them! Thats sort of the 'interview' interview style too I think, don't you? it's more conversational and less a barbara walters interview. And...I like thinking of Tom Ford interviewing naked...he's...attractive.

  4. i think this is a great story.
    i love to hear about super talents
    (that are beautiful too)
    having beautiful lives.
    i bet his mom is proud!

  5. Lisa -I agree with you 100%! But, of course I always agree with you 100%!!

    TDED -I love that photo too! It was a spread a year or so ago in Vogue styled, of course, by the great Grace Coddington.

    Stefan -Eek.. Mr. Ford was a horrible interviewer, not to mention especially creepy.

    Renee -I'm sure she is!

  6. So glad you got this out- it is just highly amusing. Me thinks TF might be becoming a bitter beauty-a bit jealous, feeling oldish, all the references to his age and NG being too young to remember something(hey, I've been there so one recognizes these things in others!) NG handled himself well-just as if he were working out a jacket gone wrong-I will get this finished! By the way-It is too funny that TG shares "himself" with us- and what? He bathes 3 times a day (to calm? himself) A cold shower ?a bit of Narcissus, can't you just see himself peering over the edge of his tub? pool? who knows-only Tom and his hairdresser know for sure.

  7. oh and what a perfect title with the reference to Oscar Wilde-now wouldn't he be highly amused?

  8. I remember reading an article about TF somewhere a few weeks back...how he made a point of sitting with his 'best side' to the interviewer and photographer, and tucking his chin becomingly....oh my. Self awareness raised to an art form. He really is just on the cusp of risking creepiness though...

    While I was never as pretty as Mr. Ford, I managed to hold what looks I had in about the same form until about 50, and then 'SPROING'! Everything gave up at once! There wasn't enough moisturizer, face scrub and duct tape to keep the ruse going any longer...think he'll go old gracefully?

  9. Thanks for your witty comment, LA! I imagine that TF was lounging on a white recamier in front of a very large mirrored triptych screen... what a _____.

  10. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, TDED... you crack me up, sir! I'm quite sure that he will not grow old gracefully... I'd imagine that he'll grow old as naturally as Jocelyn Wildenstein -"The Catwoman".

    By the way, even if a couple of things have seemed to "SPROING" on you as of lately, I'm sure that you carry off a brilliantly charming look.

  11. My, what and engrossing article! I was actually biting my nails! Did you hear the article TF did with Terry Gross?


    Her normally confident voice was practically GASPING for breath, you can almost see the steam on the glass window!

    And imagine Ghesquiere doing a movie!? Gainsbourg starring of course! Someone needs to make this a reality

  12. Yah, agreed, it was akward and I agree with LA (and not for this instance alone) that Ford has become something of a bitter aging icon in recent remarks. Hopefully he matures past that to elder statesmen of this fine level of branding.

  13. Daniel -Surely between the two of us we can come up with something!

    Blushing Hostess -I always agree with LA too... so smart. I think I've officially given up on TF. I'm sure he'll be saddened to hear of my disapproval. ha