Monday, March 8, 2010

Summer Lovin'

Restoration Hardware has done it yet again. Their collections have been increasingly impressive, and the Spring / Summer outdoor "Garden" collections are sure to please all. Not only are the pieces exquisitely designed, and run the gamut from classic to modern, but the accompanying outdoor textiles and accessories are gorgeous. And, as if this weren't enough good news, the prices are modestly set. My favorite is the newly introduced Klismos collection comprised of timeless silhouettes nodding to an ancient provenance. Check out the website to see the complete Garden collection including; planters, architectural elements, lighting, textiles, accessories, and tools. ***Caution: be sure to have a handkerchief ready to catch the droplets of drool sure to form as you peruse the collection.


  1. GORgeous! RH has always been among my faves.

  2. Willow -Gorgeous, indeed! In the past I wasn't overly smitten with R.H., but they sure have upped the ante as of lately.

  3. Want.Those.Klismos.Chairs.

    And the garden behind them

  4. Loving everything. I'm also noting a much higher quality in the photography and styling for the catalogue shoots over the last few seasons. I mean seriously, the profile shot of that beautiful klismos chair - featured almost like a garden ornament . . . with the mist fading in the background.


  5. Can we move to Santa Barbara and order the entire catalog!! Pretty please

  6. TDED -Me too, me too!

    TartanScot -Yes, the styling reminds me of Janus et Cie or McGuire, not R.H. They're doing a great job!

    RoyalApothic -Yes, please!

  7. Beautiful stuff, Scott! I really love RH's furniture lately, especially considering they're using so much recycled/reused materials. Beautiful pix! Makes me want to work on my yard to get ready for the summer.

  8. I would have no hesitations using those Klismos Chairs indoors !

  9. Abodewell (Frank) -Yes, they have been cranking out some beautiful product lately.

    Alex -Those chairs are amazing, aren't they?! They would look killer indoors too, great idea!

  10. i belong ON this.
    regency is the most classic of all the periods.

    great post, thanks for making me realize what else i really wish i had.

  11. Awe, Renee, you do belong on it -while being fed grapes and loads of champagne by beautiful Greek men!

  12. this garden remind me of the Alice in wonderland's movie!
    love the cushions