Friday, January 9, 2009

A few of my favorite things.

I don't have anything incredibly interesting to share right now, but want to post something. So, in a ridiculously vain fashion, and with a somewhat Von Trapp undertone, I give you a few of MY favorite things (in my apartment).

I love this little plate with the image of the young girl. Rock crystal obelisk. And, little glass trees. I found the trees in a little antique shop in W.V. The shop lady said that a local florist used them in holiday arrangements. I absolutely love them and keep them out all year -although they move to a less prominent place.

This is a beautiful eglomise lamp.

My favorite lamp, a curvy cloisonne.

This little grasshopper lamp looks like he could crawl away -and I love him for that!

This is a Barbara Barry for Wedgwood decanter called Curtain Call. It was a very special Christmas gift this year.

The following images are of portraits that I'm collecting in my entry hall.

This one was found on the street. It is from 1834. It's much better looking in person. Come over and see!

I love the expression on this mans face.

And she's just adorable.


  1. love, love all of your lamps... the portraits are great too.

    good post...nice to see pics of your place.

  2. love the lamps...

    portraits are great also....

    great to see pics of your place

  3. Thanks! I'm going to post more of my place soon.

  4. I love seeing your collections -especially the cute lamps!! The grasshopper lamp is a bit creepy though..hehe. This is such a good / fun idea for a post! I might steal the idea from you!

  5. J'adore the grasshopper lamp! Steal away, you are more than welcome.

  6. Thanks Mr. Bluehaunt, you've got some pretty impressive collections as well!

  7. streetfinds in the city are just speechlessly magical, its like destiny!

  8. I form a connection with found objects so much stronger than with things that I've purchased from a store. It is like destiny!