Sunday, January 18, 2009

You are my inspiration, Jan Morrow.

One of my favorite movies, Pillow Talk, stars the adorable Doris Day and dreamy Rock Hudson. The movie was released in 1959, and was the first, and in my opinion best, of three romantic comedies that Day and Hudson made together. Doris Day plays Jan Morrow a successful New York interior decorator who is forced to share a party line with Brad Allen, seductively played by Rock Hudson. Rock's character is a songwriter and womanizer. The two are at odds at the opening of the film, but ultimately fall in love. The set decoration is superb, the wardrobe spectacular, and the soundtrack is terrifically hypnotic. If you haven't seen it, watch it I know you'll love it!
The image above is not from Pillow Talk, but is a great photo of Day.
Swanky club where the two pseudo meet for the first time.

A few shots of Jan working. I'd hire Jan in a flash!


  1. i have seen this movie...very cool!

  2. I'm reading her biography now that just came out! I can't reveal anything yet though, I'm only in the first chapter still! LOL

  3. I've got it and am going to read it as soon as I'm finished with the biography of Elsie de Wolfe!

  4. One of my favorite movies (and movie interiors) of all time! "I have no bedroom problems. There's nothing in my bedroom that bothers me."

  5. Well then, I'd say that you have spectacular taste! Funny enough Rock, what a flippin' awesome name, almost didn't star in the film. He thought that it was too racy. Thanks for the comment!

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