Wednesday, February 4, 2009

perfect seat

While scouting at my favorite shop, Rough & Redy, last weekend I came across these lovely ladies. A set of 6 for less than $600. I'm absolutely mad about the gracefully cantilevered backs!


  1. Omg I hope you got them -those are fantastic!!! I especially like the side view!

  2. Aren't they great?!! Nope, I didn't get them. I'm trying desperately to hold off on any purchases for this apartment.

  3. I love the silhouette of those chairs, very chic!
    They look like they would be comfortable for long dinners.
    And I love the name of the store—Rough & Redy!

  4. Mr. P-
    I'm just mad about these chairs, aren't they perfect?! This little dive is my favorite spot to snag a deal! It is a great name. The owner, Bill, named it after a childrens book. He's got a copy of the book hanging on the wall, although it's hard to see surrounded by such great goodies!