Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Day Fever

I hop out of bed, prepare my costume for the day, grab a coffee, and head to my favorite junk spots! It's a Saturday morning ritual and, I'm sorry to admit, my favorite part of the weekend. (God, I'm getting old!) Last weekend I found the following...
I'm absolutely MAD about this screen!
The most amazing chandelier.The most charming lamp. This young dandy is just about as tall as I am (note: I'm short.). I've been eyeing this lad for over THREE YEARS!! (In a much less sexual sounding way.) Why hasn't someone taken him home yet?! Another perfect lamp -minus the shade.
"S for Sportsman"..... I'm not sure what sport he's involved in, but then again I don't know much about sports.
Just LOOK at those legs!!!


  1. prepare my costume for the day

    ^ i think i love you ; )

    that screen is amazing ... the young dandy lamp is too INCREDIBLE! ... he's waiting for the right man to take him home ... i hope you get it!!!

  2. Pauly baby, you flatter me.

    Very glad that you dig the screen, lamp, and such. I'd gladly bring him home, but this place is all ready brimming with things that I don't need.

    Enjoy a very lovely Saturday!


  3. Hi there, flea market sthe world over amaze me with the various finds...sometimes iconic! admiring the legs on that console table... Dublin/Irelnad ahs lots to offer in terms of salvage but I have to admit the finds on this post are savage...Richy

  4. and where do you go junking? these places look fab!!

  5. Miss. Pixies and Rough and Reddy (my favorite store in ALL of DC!!)

  6. That young dandy lamp is amazing!