Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Steampunk Home

An uneventful Sunday night, a few glasses of wine, and watching back to back episodes of Sex and the City led me to a random google search of "Industrial Revolution", where I stumbled upon a fantastic blog; The Steampunk Home. The modern victorian vibe has long been apparent in both interior and fashion design, The Steampunk Home is so good to remind us.

Annie Leibovitz photo shoot for Vogue: Natalia Vodianova models Balenciaga couture designed by my boyfriend Nicolas Ghesquiere:

Art Donovan sconce:

Monique Keegan:

Darryl Carter:

Eric Freitas

I'd probably be more productive if I were using this computer... and drinking less wine while trying to post.


  1. good stuff. i'm a big fan of industrial furniture and steampunk.

  2. I know some people consider it the modern equivalent of drunk dialing, but oh the wondrous things you can find through a wine fueled google search!

    Does that bathtub look familiar to you? At least one of them found a good home.

  3. I see no reason to drink less wine! No conceiveable reason! drink up!

  4. wine always helps improve my writing skills. :)

  5. Scenic Artisan -Thanks for stopping by. I too am a fan... seems like everyone is lately.

    Abby -Ha Ha Ha, I never thought of it that way, but wholeheartedly agree with you! Yes, that tub does look familiar... I wonder if Mr. Carter found his at The Brass Knob...?

    Stefan -Thank you for the support!

  6. Thomas -I agree, me too!

    Beth -I always watch Mad Men with a friend of mine at her house during the week. I'm always slightly behind.

  7. Your posts have been fab. I should stop reading them while I am at work because you are transforming me to another time and space and I don't want to come back! This one and the "Untitled" mirror post, are better than Calgon!

  8. loving that bathtub! so funny...i remember in some episode i think it was miranda made a reference to the industrial revolution....i've seen waaay to many episodes. sounds like a nice, cozy night though!

  9. I just found The Steampunk Home the other day - have you seen her new ceiling fan? It was in yesterday's post. I covet it. I also want an old card catalog for storage and a vintage typewriter, just because.