Sunday, January 3, 2010

An Education

What a terrific film! The sets... the wardrobe..... the soundtrack....... the actors...... PARIS! An Education is an engaging, sweet, playful, inspiring, and thoughtful film. I'm a notoriously harsh critic, and have ridiculously high expectations. I internally gage a film as I'm watching it. I categorize and archive them in the dusty metal filing cabinets of my mind according to certain criteria; visually stimulating, impressive actors, well written story, haunting score, etc.

Movies, for me, have an affect depending on what's going on in my life. I, at 29, can empathize so much with the character Jenny, brilliantly played by the stunningly beautiful Carey Mulligan. Although Jenny is exploring the awkward transitional period between pseudo childhood and pseudo adulthood. I feel like I'm experiencing the same humiliating evolution from pseudo adulthood to whatever the next stage is.

This is, of course, only my experience. I'll surely encourage anyone that I know, and some people that I don't, to see it before it leaves theaters.


  1. Kate loved this movie as well. I need to see it this week before it closes. Thanks and Happy New Year.

  2. I love movies like this. Certainly winter weather here! A good time to go to the theater. Brrrr

  3. I have heard wonderful things about've given me the motivation to finally see it! Ms. Mulligan looks so stunning...and I covet her bangs intensely. I can't wait for the experience of watching the film.

  4. Beth -I can totally see Kate digging this film.

    Karena -It's a perfect time to go to the theater. I hope that you'll see this movie!

    Laura -I know, I've heard the same bad reviews, but I always like to try for myself. The people that I went with didn't really enjoy it, but I adored it. It's funny how films can affect people in different ways. It is great, I do hope that you'll see it -and like it!

  5. Scott-
    Thank you for posting about this film...I loved it as well! I can't believe it's still around, as it seems films are here and gone in a weekend. One of my favorites was Emma Thompson's character!
    David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

  6. David -I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the film! I know that it got some pretty mixed reviews, but I thought it was just great. And, well, Emma Thompson, in my opinion, can do no wrong!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. I'm going to use you as my advance warning of good films coming over the pond. Living in the French countryside I am amazingly out of touch these days. When I was in London I used to keep up with everything that was meant to be good to experience - nowadays I have to rely on people like your good self.

    Re John Irving - I blogged about 'Garp' a while back and was amazed it took me so long in my life to actually read this masterpiece. It was the first Irving I read and since then I have been reading all his other books (very slowly) back to back.

  8. Scott, Can't believe I didn't get to see this film before it left the theaters...I know I would eat it up. Now I'm praying it gets released onto Netflix soon so I can tell Piero and Luca to go play in the park and curl up on the sofa and watch it.

    Your posts always illuminate, always delight!


  9. Oh yes, this has been on my list! Thanks for posting, Scott. (Of course Europe is lame and gets the movies MONTHS after they're shown in America; this isn't even going to start playing till February. Oh well, there has to be the odd disadvantage to life over here, right?) :-)
    Hey, loved that last post about transparent furniture, too. But then again you're taste is always impeccable, so no surprises on that front.
    PS: It may sound clichéd, but life doesn't even begin till you're 29! You'll see... The best is truly yet to come.)

  10. Fancy French -It would be my absolute honor! While we're on the subject; have you seen "A Single Man" yet? I highly recommend if you haven't. re: re: Garp -It was my first Irving novel as well, and it was eye-opening! I'll have to go back and search for your post on it.

    Lisa, darling -I know you'll love it!! Please let me know what you think of it after you've curled up on the sofa to watch it. xox

    Michael -You make me blush! If I truly had the option between advanced movie screening, or living in Europe... well, movies be dammed! ; ) Thanks for the kind words, and encouragement.

  11. scott,
    the actress does look very pretty.
    from the pictures you have selected...
    it looks very interesting, and i am looking for a 'film' to see.
    i need an escape.


  12. Renne - Come to DC! I'll take you to the Landmark E-Street Cinema to watch it. We can enjoy beer / wine, and loads of popcorn and candy. After, we'll walk by Ford's Theater (where A. Lincoln was shot), and the house were Lincoln died. Then, it's off to Tabard Inn to sink in a deep crewel covered sofa in front of the roaring fire, sip scotch, and chat about how marvelous the film was.

  13. I am indeed much in need of An Education...

  14. I saw it for the 2nd time the other night. Hands down one of my all time favorite films.