Saturday, January 2, 2010

Grand Illusions

Oh, John Brauer.... such a clever gentleman, and inventor of the Grand Illusion Table (shown above). I'm fascinated by clear furniture. A fascination most probably sparked by the first time that I had ever seen Phillippe Starck's Louis Ghost Chair.

And, more recently the clear chiavari chair.

These pieces ignite a sort of Alice in Wonderland wit and playfulness while paying homage to their pedigreed provenance. They may be trendy, dated, passé, etc., but I can't help but adore them.


  1. I have had lucite furniture. It is great.
    SOOOO is this post.

  2. Jaz -Thanks for stopping by!

    Yvonne -I'm simply mad about lucite furniture! I'm sure that a chic lady like yourself has had some pretty fantastic lucite furniture!

  3. great little table.

    i can see it in the perfect spot...
    in the perfect room.

    happy new year

  4. Renee -Isn't it fantastic?! I knew you'd appreciate it!

    Happy New Year to you too!