Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hermitage Amsterdam

A stunning 17th century building is magically transformed by Hans Van Heeswijk Architects to house the Russian State Museum's Dutch outpost. The building was constructed for use as a "home for old women" in the 1680's, and continued to serve as an elderly institution for 324 years.

Hermitage Amsterdam highlights the pomp and poise of Russian culture in a modern and witty way. Well done.



    This is fantastic. I love the way the architects created an all-white room--but give a sense of architectural detail on the walls.

    The furniture and costumes are shown 'on stage' so that they can be viewed in all their incredible detail. I must make plans to go and visit as soon as possible. Cheers,

  2. D.D.S.- Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. It is such a fantastic museum. I'm absolutely MAD about the juxtaposition of the sleek modern interiors with the white on white filagree on the walls!

  3. Scott-What an incredible transformation. Thanks for showing us this.

  4. Beth- Isn't it amazing? I'm glad you enjoyed.