Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Tidy Little Package

Electrochef - Circa. 1920

General Air Condition - Circa. 1950's

All-in-one kitchen design may not have ever really caught on, but there are a few modern designers attempting to give them another chance. These modern marvels would be equally fantastic in a charmingly rustic barn or a sleek and sophisticated pent house apartment.

"Adaptable Kitchens for a Growing Family" by Marcello Zuffo

Turkish designer Fevzi Karanan's Kitchen

Kenchikukagu by Toshihiko Suzuki Architects

By Sebastien Poupeau

Whirlpool's Green Kitchen concept designed to redistribute 60% of the water and heat generated from various kitchen appliances to fuel other appliances or functions.


  1. I love this sleek lacquered look. Perfect for a NYC apartment or studio anywhere where space is at such a premium. I can't stand these studio apartments where the kitchen is in the same room with regular cabinets and appliances-such an eyesore. This would tun the kitchen into a work of art. I'd really love it in black or red lacquer.

  2. That first pic brought back horrid memories of my Girl Scout "mess kit". I only went for the snacks and the cookie season, otherwise I was a GS under duress...XXOO

  3. My favourite is definitely the Electrochef. Fabulous!