Saturday, March 7, 2009

John Saladino

"The most important thing about color is that it can not be isolated...every color is only ever seen in juxtaposition with other ones." -J.Saladino

Missouri-born and Notre Dame/Yale School of Art and Architecture educated, John Saladino is known as "the designer's designer", and is praised by Van Day Truex.

Entrance to Saladino estate photographed for Santa Barbara Living.

Saladino work:


  1. My brother gave me the book 'Saladino Style' for Christmas, and reading it was like discovering a little treasure.

  2. I love him! I didn't know he was american though, I always assumed he was European -silly me!

  3. The last picture is of one my favorites of his. Veranda featured a room in this apt on their cover - one of the best magazine covers ever, in my opinion. Love the name of your blog! Jennifer S. over at Spaces gave me a heads up about your blog - looking forward to visiting more

  4. I went to hear him speak yesterday . . . damn, it was amazing. His work never ceases to amaze me.